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The Days Go So Slow Cover

The Days Go So Slow

Paperback: 232 pages

Publisher: Inkwater Press (March 25th, 2014)

Price: $5.99 (digital copy) $14.95 Paperback

Description: Curren is an anomaly of sorts; part misanthropic loner and part star athlete, with a yearning heart. He is about to graduate from college, and his future is mapped out for him: Follow his athletic skill into a professional baseball career or enroll in law school. Success is guaranteed, but he desires neither path. He’s felt disconnected from most of the world since as far back as he can remember. He feels he fits in nowhere. A profound emptiness often consumes him and brings him to question his existence on the planet. Why is he here at all? This emptiness becomes almost too much for him to bear, until he befriends an eccentric sage of the streets who challenges his often pessimistic disposition. Through her random appearances and awkward lessons, Curren discovers a clear view into his soul that allows him to open up to the ideas he believes in, the friendships he wants to keep, the ocean he craves to be in and around at all times, and the path in life he actually desires to follow. His new found openness conflicts with everything everyone expects from him: his girlfriend, his parents, his coaches, and his peers. The ensuing confrontation between expectation and longing forces Curren to choose between capitulating to the demands of a prescribed world or risking everything to seek out what truly answers the cry of his soul.

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Stumbling Upon Mowgli

Paperback: 358 pages

Publisher: Inkwater Press (May 20, 2010)

Price: $17.24

Read an Excerpt from the Book Here (.pdf)

Description: Dane, a man of thirty wrestling with his own fears and self-confidence, abruptly walks out of his job and a life set in stone to join his friend Cosmo on a journey down into the heart of the Baja Peninsula. J.P., Cosmo’s uncle who mirrored as a substitute father to Cosmo, recently passed away and Cosmo wants to send his ashes out to sea at J.P.’s favorite place in the world, an isolated fishing village three quarters of the way down the Peninsula. Dane is engaged to a woman he loves, but has somehow lost the luster in his day to day life. His job, his routines, his lack of ambition weigh heavily on his chest. During the trip Dane looks to rediscover his dreams, his desires, and tackle his fears while re-learning to live in the moment under the the philosophies of his eccentric friend Cosmo. Surf sessions, travel adventures, personal tragedy and triumph, self-searching, and release of the spirit, the two friends help each other get through difficult times in their lives while meeting up with interesting characters and adventures that only a trip into Baja can deliver.

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Seasons of Silence

Paperback: 101 pages

Publisher: Independently Published 2004

Price: $10.95

Description:A collection of original poetry.

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